Madaen Hospital

Dr. Seyed Morteza Haghighifard
Master of anesthesia, a graduate of Tehran University of Medical Sciences
Hospital management graduate from Tehran University.

Records of training courses:
Research, management and operational planning, resource management, hospital, emergency management, crisis management, waste management, emergency medicine and emergency medicine, seven computer skills, writing, writing standards and assessments, checklists and process development sinusoidal, assessment and accreditation, management and infection control and medical gases

County Tehran, Tehran University of Medical Sciences Department of medicine, as the experts responsible for monitoring and evaluation and assessment of medical institutes, hospitals and office administrator for thirty-one years

Career in the private sector:
Hospital management, hospital management fun Madaen, financial institution, charter Ghadir

Educational Background:
Participation in seminars and conferences, giving lectures at seminars and conferences, Training classes conducted research projects: providing scientific and translation of scientific, academic travel abroad, Participation in seminars and scientific conferences

Participation in setting up hospitals, intensive care units and emergency equipment and complete, scientific and educational events and emergency response committee, member of the Committee of Tehran province, a member of the expert commission Note the three organizations funded program of Tehran, standards writing committee Standards Institute, Standards for accreditation at the Ministry of Health, a member of the Infection Control Committee at Tehran University, a member of the insurance committee and was a member of the board of directors and infection control, management board member of the Article 22 of Labor and Social Affairs, the hospital consultation in public hospitals and Private