Madaen Hospital

Mrs. Safoora Farmani
nursing expert

The general objectives of Nursing Office:
Maintain and promote health and well-being of the patient (patient) Improve the quality of patient care and improve staff performance Continuous improvement of patient care by empowering employees and creating quality systems thinking Increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of specific activities in a normal hospital wards Organizational coordination, speed and dynamism and flexibility within the organization Move in order to create a culture of patient care staff The dynamics of patient care staff

Office of nursing policy:
Respect for patient rights to comprehensively upgrade and improve the quality of primary and secondary processes of patient care continuous training and updating personnel information based on the educational needs of standard laws and regulations of patient care Optimal use of medical equipment

Nursing managers Madaen:
Mrs. Farmani
administrative staff:
Mrs. Nazanin Nasiri
Ms. Sfariyan- Ms. Shahsavan – Mrs. Amir Jamshidi
Educational Supervisor:
Mrs. Arefi
responsible for improving the quality and accreditation:
Mrs. pour Ahmad
Infection Control Supervisor:
Mrs. Nasiri